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Why women have cosmetic surgery

Breast enlargement can be defined as a process of cosmetic surgery which involves the insertion of implants, by which a person can enhance the shape and size of the breasts. The process of breast surgery consists of implanting a sac filled with silicon or saline under the breast tissues. This sac helps to boost the size of the breast. Moreover cosmetic surgeons will help you in reshaping your breast tissues so that you can get the desired shape and size of breasts. There are varied reasons for women going for breast enlargements. Since it is a safe and effective way of enhancing the breast size which involves minimum time for recovery, more and more women are considering a breast surgery as the best way to regain their youth and vitality.

A breast enlargement will give your breasts a fuller look and it will help in balancing a difference in the shape and size of the breasts. Most importantly a breast surgery will make you look and feel more young, attractive and sexually appealing. With enlarged breasts you can wear low necks and body hugging clothes and flaunt your beautiful shape. Women with very small breast size feel more confident and beautiful after a breast implant. Moreover after pregnancy and lactation one can notice a reduced breast size and also the breasts tend to get more sagging as a result of which many women go for a post pregnancy breast implant.

There are 3 different breast implant techniques – 1. Silicon gel filled implants 2. Double lumen implants where the core of the sac is filled with silicon and the periphery consists of saline. 3. Saline filled breast implant. Most women go for a breast implantation surgery for the following 2 reasons.

Firstly they go for breast augmentation which involves the implantation of saline sac for more voluminous breasts. Secondly many people go for a breast implant after a mastectomy. However one should keep in mind that breast implant is not a permanent solution since it needs to be removed and replaced by a new one in a few years time.

A breast enlargement surgery will make you look more voluptuous and appealing and at the same time it can also act as a confidence booster for women with small breasts. Moreover it also helps in perfecting the balance of your figure. However just a breast augmentation surgery won’t be correcting severely sagging breasts for which one has to go for an additional breast lift along with the breast augmentation surgery. Breast lifting and breast implantation can be performed at the same time but it requires a separate operation. Other than replacement of the sac in every few years another disadvantage of breast implantation surgery are complications related to leakage of the implanted sac. A rupture of the implants will require another surgery to replace the previously implanted sac. Lastly it needs to be mentioned that anyone thinking about a breast implantation surgery should make a thorough research of the subject and learn all the pros and cons before going for an operation.